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tipping vendors?

When you tip your vendors how much is acceptable? Do you throw them $50, $100, 20% of the total cost of their service? I am so LOST as to how much is too little, too much, etc.

HELP!! :/

Re: tipping vendors?

  • I'd love to know this too.  We're doing a wedding package and when I called our coordinator, all he told me was that 18-20% was customary.  However, since it's a package, I have no idea how much the flowers cost, the musician is charging, etc. 

    Plus, being from a major city in the Midwest, I'm sure tipping is different here than it is in Savannah.  The last thing I want to do is offend our vendors by being too cheap, but I also have a budget and don't want to end up in debt because I tip too much.
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  • I'm having an issue with this as well, but I really think 20% is acceptable. I'm from the Savannah area and I don't see 20% being offensive. I think it's a great number and will probably use that as rule for tipping.
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  • Who-All is supposed to get tipped?
    When do you tip? I didn't even consider this!
  • I asked a bunch of friends and it ranged from $20 - $100
    "Principals" got $100
    "Assistants" got $50

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