The Greyfield on Cumberland Island

I'm not sure if this properly fits in Georgia / Savannah, but is anyone getting married at The Greyfield on Cumberland Island?  Or, maybe you've gotten married there or attended a wedding...  Just looking for a general thumbs up/down, impressions, etc.  Thanks! 

Re: The Greyfield on Cumberland Island

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    Cumberland Island is gorgeous in itself, with tons of wild horses and pretty sand dunes, and you do have to take a boat to the island. The greyfield inn does an amazing job with weddings, its like a fairytale really. They handle everything for you and Cumberland is so secluded that its really nice to have your wedding there. Also, I'm not sure if you know this but The Greyfield Inn on Cumberland is where JFK Jr. got married.
    (and yes its fits in the GA/SAV category, its only about 30 minutes from St. Simons island)
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