Day of Coordinator?

I'm looking for a day of coordinator only.  I have most of my wedding planned already and am just needing someone for the rehearsal and day of. Does anyone know someone who is not overpriced? I am looking to pay no more than $100-$150...

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    Just an idea what I am doing.  I live in Atlanta and since most of my bridal party lives in different areas of the country we are doing a Bridal Party trip to our Savannah destination wedding 3 months prior to the wedding.  This way my side of the Bridal Party has a clue about Savannah.  I also have selected a very good friend to tag along and she will be the day coordinator the day of the wedding.  In exchange we are paying for her & husband hotel stay for one night.   I just wanted someone I trusted who could make sure everything moved smoothly.  Not sure of that helps.
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    I did something similar for my friend's wedding.  She only had her sister and SIL in her wedding party.  She wanted to hire a DOC, but didn't have a lot to spend.  She asked me if I could help out.  I was honored.  Do you have a friend, aunt, cousin or someone else who you can trust with the job.  Offer to pay for their room or send them out to a day spa after.  
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    There is a wedding coordinator that is an acquaintances of mine and is in her late 20s. She offeres  day of services. There is Ashley Greene with Posh Petals and Pearls

    I"m not sure of her price but I think she's on the lower end.

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    My name is Raven Clark and my business is Everlasting Occasions.  You can find me at  I would love to help you with your day of coordination if you are looking for someone for the rehearsal and ceremony only I can do it for the amount you are requesting.  Please contact me at [email protected]

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
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    I sent an email through the website...thanks!
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    I would be happy to help you, I have done this for many friends of mine.
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