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Morgan Gallo Events or M. Livingston Events?

Does anyone have thoughts on either of these wedding planners?  Thanks for your help!

Re: Morgan Gallo Events or M. Livingston Events?

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    I was just on the Wedding Wire where there are several  reviews of this service.  You may want to go there and read.  From what I saw, they were quite professional and good.
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  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr
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    I would check out the site PP suggested.  I have never heard of the and can't help you out any.  Sorry.
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    I am just about to get married Aug 7 in Savannah Ga, and Morgan Gallo Events has been simply amazing!  I am working several jobs and buying a house, and really needed lots of help!  Not only did Morgan and her team go above and beyond my expectations, they really became good friends.  We worked great hand in hand, efficiently, over the phone, through the computer, with venders, away from venders, and through every little detail, and I mean they think of EVERY detail.  If it weren't for Morgan and her team, I would have never been able to have this dream wedding, and I know they will be there to help me throughout my special day.  So, if you are looking for an event planner that is imaginative, friendly, detail oriented, knowledgeable about great vendors and the area, and someone that caters to your every want and need, Morgan Gallo Events is for you!
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    While in search for a wedding planner in Savannah, my mom and I met with both MGE and MLE.  We ended going with a totally different planner, but I will tell you that I was more impressed with Melissa than MGE.  She was VERY organized and I was able to connect with her more on a personal level in just the short time we met with her.  Morgan Gallo assigned one of her assistants to handle my planning, so maybe if you actually have Morgan work on your wedding it will be a different story. I had a hard time deciding between Mellisa and another planner.  In the end we chose the latter, but I have no doubt that I would have loved working with Melissa too.   
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    To Whitney in OKC:

    Who did you go with? I am planning my trip to meet vendors, and setting up phone interviews with people I've found online. I'd love to know who you worked with and what you liked about them? And thank you in advance!

  • phill027phill027
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    Thanks so much ladies! I ended up going with M Livingston. She seems great and her prices are more reasonable. Thanks again!
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    We often work with Morgan Gallo Events.  We find her to be very professional.  She is very organised and has excellent ideas.  We are a Catering Company (Cape Creations Catering, Inc) so view things from the other side.  Our brides have always raved about her services - whether she or one of her assistants is handling the event.
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    We went with Caroline Carter @ Events by Caroline.  LOVE her!  We're still in the midst of planning, our wedding is Jan 29, 2011.  Caroline is very organized and super creative, and I just feel like she "gets me"!  She is so full of ideas and has come up with stuff that I would never have thought of. Plus she has lots of connections in Savannah and knows the best vendors to deal with.  She's been featured in The Knot a number of times too. I definately reccommend using her, she is so sweet, you won't be sorry you chose her.  Only thing - she was the most expensive we interviewed, and we interviewed with 8 different planners.  But its definately been money well spent!
  • Kylie LeeKylie Lee
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    whitney, who else did you interview with in Savannah?
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    Sorry it took me so long to reply!  Been out of town.  We interviewed with Marrianne McBay @ WedAccompli, and we really liked her alot.  She was in our top 3.  We also met with Tricia Huddas @ Tricia Huddas & Co.  Both planners were reasonably priced and in seeing some of their work in magazines, they were very talented.  Also met with Sebrell Smith, but she does her own flowers so if you already have a florist picked out, I wouldn't suggest going with her.  All in all we probably did too much interviewing, but it's like the most important day of your life and we wanted to be sure to get it right! lol

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