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I'm in search of a fun wedding band that plays a variety of music, 80's, motown, beach, oldies, etc. Are there any reasonably priced bands like this in Savannah? If not, which cities should I search?

Thanks in advance!


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    edited December 2011
    Hi Erin,

    Check out The Fabulous Clams...they are a local Savannah band that is awesome.  They are playing my wedding on June 12.  They are very well known in Savannah, although the just changed names...used to be the Jeff Beasley Band.  Jeff Beasley is a Savannah local who plays the music scene in Savannah regularly.  Also, Jeff will work with you and your budget and can bring anything from a one man band to a quintet...depends on what you want.  Check out his website:
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