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How can I get married in forsyth park?

Hello Everyone,

I am recenlty engaged and am planning a destination wedding in this area and really really really want to get married at forsyth park in front of the fountain. Howver, I have not idea where to start and if there are services for me to make it work? Can someone please help. I emailed the park and no one has resoonded to me yet. Did anyone one else get married here. Thank you!

Re: How can I get married in forsyth park?

  • bean0408bean0408 member
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    Hi! I don't know if you were looking to just see if you could pay the park fee or if you were looking for help with someone to set the whole thing up. There are several destination planners here in Savannah now that specialize in weddings in the squares so if that is the way you wanted to go just google "savannah destination wedding" and it will pull up several options for you. Some have beautiful pictures for weddings from Forsyth. I hope this helps some

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    Thanks ALOT! I really dont know what I want ! lol 
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    Hi! LOL
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    HI, No luck on finding out how to get married there... Rumor has it that brides book it a year in advance... Cry I really want to get in married in front of that fountain. I do not know how to find out if its available....

  • gtgirl23gtgirl23 member
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    Call Gazebo weddings of Savannah.. they are fantastic and will do the whole thing for you.
  • hccpsuhccpsu member
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    I found a lot of information online about getting married in the parks.  You can chance it, or get a permit (I think the permit is around $250).  Gazebo Weddings or any of the other Savannah wedding coordinators can help.

    Gazebo Weddings did our ceremony at our B&B, and they do a really nice service.
  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr member
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    You need to call the city park services.  I would make sure to get the permit.  That is a very popular place to get married here.  However, there is not a one year waiting list like a pp said was rumored.  I know someone who was married there last month on a two week notice.  She had no issues. 
    I would suggest a planner, especially if you are doing this as DW.  GL

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    im also wanting to get married in front of that fountian, lol. We dont have it in our budget for a planner so im doing it all on my own. I called the number for chris, he told me pretty much everything i needed to know about cost, and for three hours i think its only like 350? and 50 for each additional hour
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    It depends when you want to get married there, The earliest you can book is the same montha  year before.  We got our permit no problem, but have to contact other services to get the security and sound permits.  Ours was $275 for a 4 hour event, the only other additional fee will be paying the security officers the day of the event.

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    A four hour event? Are you doing more than just the ceremony there? I'm interested to hear what other brides have planned for their time at forsyth park (or any of the squares for that matter). I've heard of people doing toasts and serving alcohol there. Are you having a cocktail hour outside after the ceremony?
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    You have to go through city parks and recreation. It's $250 to rent out the park for 3 hours for chatham country residents. I believe $300 if not.  I was planning on having my ceremony there as well but after adding up all the rental fees for chairs and stuff it was very pricey.  Especially most rental companies I found required a minimum of 250 in rental fees and their chairs ranged between $1.74 and $4..plus a $250 delivery fee. Also have to think about rain and a tent is about $250 to preorder and you can only cancel the tent 10 days prior to event date. If money isn't an option or you weren't planning to have your guests seated then I would go ahead of it. But it was more of a headache for me. Hope this helps! Happy planning! :)
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    we are doing just the cremony but that allows enough time for setup and takedown, plus we werent sure on the start time.
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