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Awesome Gown Store - The Intimate in New Bern, NC

So I've been searching for a dress for a while in the Raleigh Area and I just couldn't find a store/dress that I really loved.... The stores consultants were either really rude and didn't care about what I wanted or the stores were ridiculously over priced. My main thing is that I will not buy a dress from a rude store. I want to work with someone who cares about what I am getting and spends time with me! In other words, its been a rocky search in the Raleigh area to find a friendly store with great dresses!

Anyway,  I fell in love with Maggie Sottero's dresses and I found a great store in New Bern, NC called The Intimate. I made an appointment and  today we drove the 2 hours to get there. And this store is definately worth the two hour drive!!!

The owner, Chris, is absolutely amazing! Even though there were 2 other girls there with appointments he made sure that he spent equal amount of time with each girl and provided great feedback about the dresses. He was very personable and friendly which made shopping for a dress much easier! The staff was extremely helpful and even made sure we were comfortable when we showed up 45mins early for our appointment.

After having a few horrible experiences in Raleigh I cannot express enough the importance of finding a friendly store with knowledgable staff! I wanted to write this post so that others can find out about this store.

Also, I found my dream dress today!!!  I got an amazing Maggie Sottero dress!!!!!!! I wish I had the words to describe how beautiful it is. :) I am relieved to have finally found a great dress!!!

Hope dress shopping goes well for everyone else out there in this area.

Thanks, Melissa

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    You got a Maggie dress? Which one? Did they have a lot of Maggie dresses to pick from? i want the Karena one (all lace with halter and sash)!! Can i ask you how much you paid for it? Most websites dont list any prices. :( I dont want to drive out there and find out they are each $2k.
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    I went down to this store because they have manyyyyyy maggie dresses and i LOVEEEEE them all haha. I went origionally to look at the "harlow" dress.... but i ended up getting a limited edition dress that you can't find pics of anywhere. The prices were reasonable for maggie dresses (~1,200). But... they all vary. But I didn' think they were overpriced or anything.

    Also, if you are looking for a specific maggie dress, just call the store first and see if they have it. I had to call 9 stores to find the Harlow dress haha.

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    yes! i have been wondering if there was a good bridal store in new bern. this helps me a lot!! driving 30 min to get fitted will be a lot more fun than driving 3 hours to raleigh!
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    I can not agree more about this store!!! I worked with a woman named Marty and she was so sweet and extremely helpful. My wedding is May 28, 2011 and we are picking up my dress today; can't wait!!!!!
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