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Hi fellow brides-to-be!  I just got engaged a week ago and my fiance and I really want to get married in the Wilmington area - preferably on the coast.  Problem is - I've never even visited this area.  Does anyone have suggestions of venues they have seen in this area?  I'm looking for simple, beautiful, slightly upscale without being too formal or stuffy.  Not a toes in the sand wedding, but views of the water would be nice.  Please help!Thanks,Clueless in Winston Salem

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    That's exactly the kind of wedding I wanted.  I am getting married in Wilmington, the issue I had was finding a ceremony location overlooking the Cape Fear River. I will have approx. 140 at my wedding, so my choices were limited. I decided on the ceremony at the Bellamy Mansion and the reception at the Hilton Riverside.  I know alot of other popular places is St. Thomas Preservation Hall, Cape Fear Deck Company-Candle Co., the Hilton, and there are these garden, start with an A. If you go to Cape Fear Weddings, there is a website with a ton of info. Good Luck!
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