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I'm looking to get married October 2011.  I am looking for an affordable menu that has an open bar, one price for the whole night per person.

Any suggestions?

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    Where are you looking? What kind of budget? How many People? What time of day? What kind of food would you like?
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    If you look for a flat price per person to include an open bar, you will overpay. 

    It also depends on what you consider affordable- for a wedding, the average per person is generally around 100 a person. Anything less and you will probably have a lower quality experience. 

    Also, it depends on the quality of beverages that you want to serve. 

    There are just a lot of different ways to do this- I would need to know more about what you're specifically looking for in order to make the right sort of recommendation. 

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    we are doing a buffet from Caffe Luna (yummy!!) including wine and beer for $39.99/ person. there's a 10% off site fee, a 20% grat and then of course tax, but it still works out to be about $55.00/person.

    plus Ryan, their catering manager, is a breeze to work with. i've known her for years and she's a sweetheart.
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    I am getting married at Barclay Villa in Angier, NC.  Neither me nor my fiancé had heard of Angier until we found this place.  It looks like a castle and they provide their own caterer and planner.  They are FANTASTIC.  You pay for the venue and caterer and everything else is pretty much taken care of.  So far, they have made me feel like family and have gone above and beyond my expectations.  There is no open bar tho.  You have to provide your own alcohol and get a liquor license.  However, the cost to doing that is not bad at all.  They provide the bartenders.  Check it out.

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    I'm getting married at the Hilton's Mansion on the Hill, right near the airport. After looking around a TON, it was the most affordable place we found that was also really nice and had lots of menu choices and an open bar option. We also really like that its near the airport so people don't have to get a rental car. It will also be a lot of fun to have everyone in the same hotel for the entire weekend!
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