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Fantastic wedding location in Northern Durham (Timberlake NC)

I found this fantastic wedding location in Timberlake NC (in northern Durham County) called Homestead Steakhouse.  A google search will turn it up easily.  I ended up only choosing to have my reception there, as the ceremony will be at my church (Ridgecrest Baptist Church), but for anyone else planning in the area, it is a place that will help you achieve any budget you want, and it's a totally unique setting.  

Also, if you are looking for outdoor wedding or reception sites,  Arrowhead Inn is a bed and breakfast, just outside the city limits of north Durham, and is also very picturesque and a beautiful location if you want to be out of downtown.  The drive on Roxboro Rd (US 501 North) is really easy and easy for OOT guests to find!  

BTW, there's not much activity on this board... or at least that is my impression... so I just lurk more than anything else.  I'll be back with more details about my wedding once the details are set! 
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Re: Fantastic wedding location in Northern Durham (Timberlake NC)

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    Thanks for the info..I'm new to this board and have started my venue search
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    Hi, thank you for this post!  I'm interested holding my reception at Homestead as well!  I know they have the festival house for a large party, and an area for a smaller party.  How was the pricing?  reasonable? 

    Thank you!
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