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Do it yourself wedding help

I am looking at getting married at the end of April next year. I have a small budget, and with a creative family am able to create centerpieces, flower arrangements, and decorations. Does anyone have suggestions of reasonably priced venues that can accommodate 150 people that would be pretty with a little help from a creative family?

Re: Do it yourself wedding help

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    Could you say a price range for your rental budget? Small budget can mean lots of different things to different people.
    Many of the museums, city owned parks/buildings, etc. are reasonably priced compared to "special event" venues.
    We are using Marbles Museum, but there is the Science Museum, History Museum, City of Raleigh building, Town of Cary has some cute options, Holly Springs has a nice lake property, etc.

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    if you don't mind traveling a bit.  Gregory Vineyards in Angier NC which isn't sofar. it can accomadate about that many.  you can always check it out.  They have affordable prices and great wine.  I'm getting married there next may :)

    it's beautiful out that way
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    I'm attempting to keep the venue, food, and drinks for 150 people under $10,000. I saw the Holly springs property, however it becomes increasingly more expensive if you are not a resident. Do you recall any of the venues in Cary?

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    Could you use a residents address? When we looked at using Bass Lake, it was cheaper if you were a resident. We were told by the owner / coordinator there that if we had a friend that lived in that area, to just have them put their address down.

    For 10k , you can do a lot.

    What kind of venue are you looking for? What's the style and feel you're wanting? Are you wanting the ceremony and reception at the same location?
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    Here is a link to the Cary facilities: http://www.townofcary.org/Departments/Parks__Recreation___Cultural_Resources/Facilities.htm

    Rates are here: http://www.townofcary.org/Assets/Parks$!2c+Recreation+and+Cultural+Resources+Department/Parks$!2c+Recreation+$!26+Cultural+Resources+Department+PDFs/fall+09+program+brochure/facilityrentals.pdf

    I think the Page Walker Arts Center is a beautiful building outside, but I've never been inside. You would probably have to rent two floors (although its pretty cheap for space rental), so you may not like that layout.

    The Cary Arts Center is also now open. Looks beautiful outside, but no idea how many it holds? You could call to check.

    I also think the Halle Cultural Arts center in Apex would be a neat place. http://www.apexnc.org/halle#rentals
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    At the vineyard in Angier it can hold that many and the wine is super affordable.  My budget was that high but I'm using them and it cut out my cost a lot.  I have 25 people less than you and they helped a lot b/c alcohol is expensive.  9 dollars a bottle is good.  and you don't have to be a resident.  they have serveral places to have the ceremony and a bridal suite for you to change in.  wine tastings are 5 dollars and you get to keep the glass.  It's worth every penny we are puttin in the place.  Our wedding there is in may :)
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    I am flexible right now as far as the venue location. I have family that live in Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, and I live in Raleigh. I could get a resident price for the venues, but most of them do not accommodate 150 people. Bass lake only accommodated 135 indoors, and the others would need to sit on the dock.

    If I were to go with a park facility, are there companies that you can hire to clean up the event when it is finished?
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    I"m sure there are, I just don't know any specific ones. We ended up using a museum so they take care of the cleanup in the fee.
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