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Last minute videographer needed

My sister is planning a very low budget wedding that is almost here...April 10th!!  Now that all vendors are in place, she realizes that she has a little extra cash to spend on a videographer.  But of course a cheap one.  Is there such a thing?  It doesn't have to be somebody fancy, just want someone to document the day.  Any recommendations ladies?


Re: Last minute videographer needed

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    I don't have any recs since all the videographers I know are expensive.  My only suggestion is maybe try Craigslist???
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    At this point, I'd probably just start calling videographers and saying "I have $XYZ to spend and I'd like you to video my wedding ceremony on April 10th."  If anyone's still available they might do it as long as her price covers their costs since it's not likely they'll get a full-price job in 10 days.
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    I can shoot your wedding for $200, for an approx. 1hr full ceremony coverage and reception highlights, w/ family and friend interviews.  1080i HD shooting, proficient in Final Cut Pro - tasteful editing, excellent mic system.  I am based in South Florida, not sure where your friend's wedding is, but travel expenses would also be charged if north of Boca Raton.   
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