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What are your must haves?

Hey y'all!

I was just wondering what your *MUST HAVES* are for your wedding day.

Trying to come up with a budget is hard, I'm trying to figure out what I absolutely must have, and the rest can be extras if we have extra $$ Obviously, dress, tux, music, etc are must haves for me.

I guess I'm trying to figure out where to focus my budget.


Re: What are your must haves?

  • To answer both of your posts, I don't think any of us could tell you wants reasonable for you to spend on your wedding. My DH and I spent under 5k, because that's all we wanted to spend and could really afford to spend. We understood completely that while it was our wedding day, it was a one-day party and neither of us could fathom spending any more than that.

    So for budget, think about what would be comfortable for you and your FI. If you're relatives are helping, don't count that money until you have it in your hands as many times, things come up, and money can always be taken away, unfortunately. Plan a wedding that you and your FI can afford. With over a year away for your wedding, I think you've got plenty of time for saving the money (unless you've already got it). Work a budget and then work out a savings plan to achieve that budget (I would also recommend adding a small buffer, for the unexpected things).

    Also, for must haves, again, it's all about what you want for your day. For us, we wanted family, friends and a lot of fun. We weren't concerned with flowers, drinks (alcohol), videographer or photographer (DH's grandfather wanted to do these for us). I knew I wanted a pretty dress, but also set a budget for it and stuck to it. DH and his GM wore suits instead of tuxes because it was something they could all wear again (which DH has many many times now). We did really want a DJ, which we got, and absolutely loved!

    I would recommend compiling pictures of things you think you'd like to have at your wedding and try to get a feel for what you want. Then go through everything and figure out what you must have and what you could live without. No need to rush to get all of your thoughts together. Work on it bit by bit and enjoy the process. :)

    I hope that all makes sense. Congrats on your engagement!
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