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Rock of Ages Winery and Transportation

I am debating on booking the Rock of Ages winery because I am worried about guest driving back to Raleigh or Durham (45 minutes on back roads) after drinking. Has anyone been married there or anywhere that is far away from hotels? How have you handled the issue?

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Re: Rock of Ages Winery and Transportation

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    My sister didn't get married here but she did school busses. Literal yellow school busses. We thought it was funny, but honestly, it was cheap and when everyones drunk afterwords they really don't care what they're riding in as long as they don't have to worry about driving.

    I looked at Rock of Ages because it looks beautiful. But the only thing you can drink is their wine and you have to buy a half bottle of wine for every guest in attendance? That's crazy!
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    I know. I am not to thrilled about the wine thing either but I love the location. Where did you decide to get married?
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    It did look gorgeous at Rock of Ages! Let me know how it turns out. We haven't found a place yet...we're looking in Asheville now at Claxton farms or the Crest Center. A mini-destination! We should make a decision by next weekend about where we're going to go. All October 2011 dates are filling up really quickly...
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