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North Carolina-Raleigh-Durham


We want to get sparklers as a send off after our wedding. I am just not sure where to get them. Any suggestions?

Re: Sparklers

  • Fireworks stores are going to sell them... My fiance's sister bought hers at South of the Border- they were HUGE- like 3 feet long... It was really pretty, but like I was telling someone a little while ago... I actually got burnt during the sparkler send-off--- Someone was really intoxicated and landed his sparkler on my arm... There is now a visable scar... which I HATE.  So, just be careful.. Also, make sure that the venue allows you to do this.

    Oh- I also read Amazon sells them!
  • As PP said, make absolutely sure that your venue allows sparklers. Many dont because of the fire hazard.
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  • When is your wedding? If possible- wait til the 5th of July and buy them on clearance :)  They have them at most grocery stores and Target and Walmart
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  • We ordered ours online and got the large 2 or 3 foot length ones.  We tried them out to see how much of a fire hazard they were, and they didn't ignite paper towels, so unless you actually stick it against your skin (or have someone else do to you), it should be ok. 

    Make sure your photographer knows how to deal with them though.  Some of our leaving photos are a little blurry because the light was so low.
  • Captain Boom (.com) was the website I ordered from. I purchased 144 for $58. No complaints :)
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