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Family thinks I have too make DIY projects - are they right?

I am planning on making my own invitations ( using cardsandpockets.com), my own cake (i've made a few ornate fondant covered birthday cakes) and doing my own flowers (either orchids in tall water filled vases or simple white rose and hydrangeas).

We are not getting married until Sept 2011 but everyone is convinced I am taking on too much. I'm always the DIYer - 2 weeks ago I made the diaper cake for my cousin-in-law's baby shower.

We're working on a $12K budget (including rehersal dinner). Is there really any other way to get what I want without going over budget? I am not stressed out about all these projects, MY stress lies in staying within the budget!

Re: Family thinks I have too make DIY projects - are they right?

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    Uhhh well, our budget was 5k and we came in under budget. I did a few things DIY and I budget shopped, plus we married in the 'off season' so that helped.

    Personally as someone who almost did her own cake, I was advise against this as  you want to be able to enjoy the days up to your wedding as well as your weddinng, not worry about making a cake.

    We did do our own Invites with help from a friend (100 invites plus inserts = 70 total)
    We did our own flowers (from Krogers) $40 bucks total including flowers for centerpieces, which they were low key since our venue was beautiful without us adding more to it.

    We also brought in our own food. FIL was a HUGEEE help with this!

    You can do ALOT with 12k without having to do it all yourself. . .but if youre truly wanting to do it, then do it :)

    Best Wishes!
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    Definitely Not. I got engaged in October and my wedding is THIS June. I did my own invites, my own save the dates, my own flowers, my own centerpieces, my own seating chart boards and ornate table numbers. I did all of my own decorations also. On top of planning everything else because I didn't have a wedding planner....and I'm pregnant, working full time and going to school full time. You'lll be just fine.

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    OmG Shannon!! How are you? Remember me from outback..Janece!!  my wedding is sept 17 2011. where are you guys getting married?

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    HEY!!!  9-17-2011 is our back up date - we are aiming for 9-10-11 :) Sacred Heart Cathedral - where are you getting married?
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    I don't think it's too much, but you can most definitely do what you want with 12k in Raleigh.  Our budget is 5k and I'm being conservative with my DIY projects to save my sanity haha.

    I think the important thing to do is make a timeline of all your projects and overlap that with a timeline of everything else going on in your life during that time.  If you find that most of your projects cannot be conceivably done until a few days before the wedding, it's probably time to reevaluate.

    For my wedding we're making the cakes, I'm doing felt bouquets which I'm making now, I made the STDs and will make the invites in the next few weeks.  I'll also be making the table runners and centerpieces.  Thankfully all of these projects aside from the cakes can be done any time over the next year so I can spread the projects out.
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    Thats awesome!! My original date of the 24th was taken..but the 17th will work :) we are getting married at the River Ridge Golf Club! Im so excited!!

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    Shannon... You should just get me and Laura to help :-)
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    hey maggie!!! i really should... i might have a "come help me make my invites" party!

    what i really need to do is start running like you guys... i'm not runner though! :(
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    Just name the time and place :-)

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    I am a DIY person too, but I would also advise against making your own cake or any large project close to your wedding date (you will be stressed enough).

    12k is a good number and I am sure that should leave room for you to relax some of the DIY projects.

    If you really want to make a cake you can always make for the bridal shower/ engagement party or something weeks to month in advance.
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