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HELP! Rehearsal Dinner Venues - 12/31/10

Hey everyone! A family member called me this am to request suggestions for her brother's rehearsal dinner on 12/31/10. I know they want the Raleigh/Durham area, but I'm not sure how many people they plan to have. They also want it to be somewhat unique/fun I believe (barn, bed & breakfast, etc.). Do y'all have any suggestions???! Thanks sooo much!

Re: HELP! Rehearsal Dinner Venues - 12/31/10

  • NcsuPsychNcsuPsych member
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    Barn. . . theres the Angus Barn. It's a little pricey, so suggestions will probably be better with a price range? Do you know a relative range area?
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  • krl8krl8 member
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    Hey - thanks. I actually don't have a price range, but will pass on any information y'all have for us! Thanks! I found out it's in the Raleigh, N. Raleigh, Cary area....
  • carlyndarlyncarlyndarlyn member
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    Check out a place called Spruce Pine Lodge in Bahama, NC (20 min North of Durham). It's an old hunting lodge owned by the City of Durham's Parks and Recreation Department. Really beautiful, very rustic - overlooks Lake Michie.
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    Call Caffe Luna and ask to speak to Ryan Hill. She's amazing!
  • SCogs18SCogs18 member
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    I immediate thought The Angus Barn as well.  It's delcious, but not cheap.
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