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Holiday Break

Is anyone else finding it IMPOSSIBLE to get responses from vendors now that it's the holidays? I'm thinking of taking a break on planning until after the New Year and just hope the people I want aren't booked. I'm tired of people promising they're going to send my contract or set up a tasting and then not following through! It's making me worried that they'll be the same way when it's time to deliver for the wedding.
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Re: Holiday Break

  • Actually, I had a similar thought about my photographer... I'm still waiting to receive a hard copy of my contract, which he said he would send around Thanksgiving. I don't want to come off as a crazy bride, but at the same time, should it really take a month to put a piece of paper in the mail? I'm also chalking it up to the holidays and will send another e-mail after New Years, if I still haven't received it.
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  • I'm having that same issue with the photographer and the caterer. Finally after almost three weeks of promising to have it I received it this morning. I'm having second thoughts about signing it especially since I followed up with a few questions and haven't heard back. Oh well, I guess there's plenty of time to hammer it out.

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  • It probably just has to do with the holiday season and there are lots of weddings this time of year so be patient im sure they will get you everything you need. I am also taking a little break over the holidays from planning as we do still have over a year till the wedding. I hope your holidays are wonderful!!!
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