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GOOD Budget DJs in the Raleigh area?

Hey Knotties!

I need help finding a GOOD budget DJ in the Raleigh area.  I'm trying to keep the DJ fee under $500.  I have one DJ I've been talking to that a friend recommended who is $375, but he has been having some health issues so I'd like to look for other options.  If anyone knows of any good DJs in the area that are cheap, but still are professional, friendly, knowledgeable and with a great music selection, let me know!

Please, no recommendations for Joe Bunn, Lenny Fritts, Damien Maass, All the Right Grooves, i.e. the common answers on the board.  They are all above my price range.  If I hire them, I will be unable to afford any videography which is really important to me.  However, I'd still really like music at the reception and hope that someone has some suggestions!

Thanks in advance!

Re: GOOD Budget DJs in the Raleigh area?

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    Im not sure if you've considered this yet or would be comfortable, but you could rent speakers and load a play list on an ipod. A lot of ladies have done it before and had no issues with it at all. Plus, it's a lot cheaper.

    Would that be an option or are you set on having the actual dj?
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  • MeganAngelaMeganAngela member
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    Honestly, I'm set on having a DJ. If we rented stereo equipment, even if we got a friend to man it for the night, I'd probably have a panic attack if things didn't go well.  I'd much rather leave the music in the hands of a capable professional.  I know that might sound like I have unrealistic expectations, but really I just don't understand why I have to pay $700-$800 for three hours of DJ service.  That, to me, is more unrealistic.  IDK.  I'm just hoping to find someone in our price range. :)
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    No no, thats completely understandable. DH and I got a DJ because of those same reasons. Plus, we had seen how much energy they can give to the group at the reception :)

    I would say check on Craigslist as another option. Just be careful and make sure you get recommendations / reviews of their past work.

    I might also cross post this on the main NC board (put an XP in front of the title). It gets more traffic than this board, so you may find more suggestions over there.

    ATRG was only $600 for us, and that was with them traveling. So, there are options available. I know you dont want ATRG, just wanted to show that they're a great price even when including traveling costs.

    Good luck!
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  • CashWedding12CashWedding12 member
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    We are using All Around Raleigh DJ. We were so impressed with him during our interview and have heard great things about him. I believe he's very close to your price range.
  • pirategal03pirategal03 member
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    We'd considered Anything Music DJs. (we ended up going with live musicians)  They're based in Kernersville but will travel to Raleigh.  I don't remember their pricing exactly, but I remember them being less than I expected for the service they provided. 

  • KateeamberKateeamber member
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    Try Anything Music in Raleigh. I was on a tight budget and they were the only ones that I could find that stayed within my limits.

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  • KalithiaKalithia member
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    My DJ is DJ DutchMaster and DJ 919.  They are in all the clubs and on radio.  He is doing our wedding for $300.
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