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Best Jewelers for an E-Ring?

My FI and I have recently gotten engaged, but there wasn't a ring at the time.  We're looking to buy one now, but we can't figure out where in the Raleigh area would be the best place to go.  I'm not a big jewelry girl, so I don't know a lot about the local jewelers.  I've done some research, but almost everything in our price range comes out with bad reviews, and the best reviews are for jewelers that may not fit out budget.  We'd like to avoid mall stores if possible based on the fact that our budget is small and we don't want any price gouging if we can help it.  The original budget was around $1000, but my FI says that I can have whatever I want, so I'd like to keep it under $2000 if possible.  Can any of you lovelies think of anywhere that I could keep to budget and still come out of the store with a ring that I'll love?  Any recommendations would be wonderful!

An aside, I've looked into Diamonds Direct Raleigh and Diamonds Direct Crabtree, and with all of the strange reviews and vibes I've gotten from other customers, I feel like we need to take a pass on them.  So, outside of them, any suggestions?

Re: Best Jewelers for an E-Ring?

  • KateeamberKateeamber member
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    I read the review from Diamonds Direct too and was worried. The sales person we had there was a little odd but I love my ring. We had it appraise for approx. $1500 more than what we paid and we like that they cover the ring if a prong breaks or we lose a small diamond.
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  • uneek1323uneek1323 member
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    FI bought my ring at Jared's in Triangle Town Center. He said he had a great experience there and they were very helpful. We live in San Diego now and went to a Jared's here to have the ring inspected and, again, they were very nice. The diamond and prongs have held up for 3 years and counting.
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    My engagement ring is also from Diamond's Direct. I love my ring it is so much more than I thought I would get for the money. I know you worry about the mixed reviews but I had a great salesperson and the warranties and extras you get there are a big plus. We looked at probably 50 different stores and none of them compared to Diamond's Direct Crabtree. We have a friend the has mined diamonds and was in with a jewelry store at one time and he says that my ring is such a great quality for the price. My sister got her band from here as well but got her engagement ring for Carlyle and Company in Durham and loved both the companies service.Hope this helps and good luck finding the perfect ring!
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    Diamonds direct is amazing! My ring was also appraised for about 1000$ more than he paid for. They are always great and there is a huge selection! I needed my ring sized down and they did it that day at the store which was great b/c i thought i was going to lose it for a month! We are going to get ur wedding bands from them as well.
  • MeganAngelaMeganAngela member
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    We ended up going to Jared's at Cary Towne Center.  We were in the area because that is where my family lives, so we stopped by that evening just to see what we could find.  My looking had been strictly online, but we figured we needed to see some things in person.  I had a great experience with them!  The sales rep we had there was so knowledgeable, and while she did coax me a little over budget (just an extra thousand, which with their payment plan will actually be manageable) it was worth it.  We found one ring that was under budget and another ring that was a little over. Same style and diamond shape, but different carat weights.  She also told me that she would search their database once my FI is ready to purchase the ring to see if she can find the same size and shape diamond for a lower price.  And when a fiancee-zilla came in and was making a huge scene about what ring she wanted (to the point where they told her that they didn't think they had a diamond large enough for what she wanted), my sales rep turned to my FI and said, "Be glad your FI isn't as bad as this woman!".  It gave us a good chuckle.  Before we left, she also gave us some really good advice on a budget wedding and things we could do to keep costs down.  She was just super wonderful!  My FI and I had a great experience!  Now all my FI has to do is go back and purchase what I chose because they have it all on record!

    We probably could go elsewhere and find something cheaper, and there is the possibility that we will go look at other jewelers before all is said and done to find the best price, but I did want to say that we found a place that made us feel valued and comfortable.  After spending an hour at Jared's, both of us were completely tuckered out.  I was not wanting to go anywhere else to look at jewelry at all!  I guess I'm not cut out for jewelry shopping!  :)

    For the record, which Diamonds Direct did everyone go to?  The one at Crabtree?  I just want to make sure that everyone is talking about Diamonds Direct Crabtree and not Diamonds Direct Raleigh.  They are two totally different entities, and I want to make sure if we go to one, we go to the RIGHT one!

    Thank you all so much for your input!
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    Diamond's Direct Crabtree is where we went. You defintely should check it out if you are on a budget. My ring apraised for almost double what we paid. I've also not seen anywhere we looked, independent local jewelers or chains, a diamond of as good a quality as the ones they have there. Mine is stunning and I get tons of compliments on the color and how much it sparkles and shines. Good luck on picking out the perfect ring. PM if you have any other questions about our experience.
  • HeatherN78HeatherN78 member
    edited December 2011
    I agree with pp - Diamonds Direct is the place to go!  My FI got my E ring there and I get so many compliments.  We also got our wedding bands there.  The customer service is 5 star.  You can't go wrong here!
  • Amber598Amber598 member
    edited December 2011
    Diamonds Direct has the best price around!  The guy we spoke to a long time ago was very...lets just say enthusiastic.  But he knew his stuff and the jewelry is really good quality.  Plus its the biggest jewelry store around!
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    My ring came from Antiques Emporium in Cameron Village. I loved the idea of having a ring with history also the price of an antique or estate ring will be less than a chain store ring.

    However, some women are put off by the idea of someone else having your ring before you. I was put off by the idea of other women having the same ring as me.
  • SCogs18SCogs18 member
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    I have had great experiences with Jared's in Triangle Town Center.  CMI on Capital Boulivard is also excellent, but sometimes pricey.
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    Goldworks in Chapel Hill.  They have jewelers on staff and do custom stuff.  Great service.  I chose a sapphire, but they do have diamonds also.  Google them.
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    Mine's from Diamonds Direct Crabtree. I love my ring & my fiance got a great deal :)
  • cmfergcmferg member
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    Mine came from Joint Venture Jewelry in Cary.  They carry estate jewelry.  You can look up rings that you like online and go in with a list - it's super efficient.  I was both picky and indecisive, but walked out with a gorgeous ring that appraised for double what we paid (a price confirmed by my insurer based mostly on the stone size and quality).  They are also really nice/low pressure.
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