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I live in Cary, am a large girl and will be searching for a wedding dress for the next few months.  I am petrified to go into stores, does anyone have any suggestions for bridal shops with plus size dresses and a nice staff?

Thank You!

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    Hi! Congrats to you! I'm a plus size bride. I've been to David's Bridal on Louisburg Rd in Raleigh - They're okay. I was turned off on my first visit because my consultant was a little pushy. But the 2nd time there-it was okay. The selection is pretty good. You could always stop in and ask to see a catalog and if you see something you like you could go ing and try it on. I always stop by to see if they have something that I like. I went to a bridal show in Greensboro last month and met the ladies who work at Bridal Mart in Burlington - and they are Plus Sized themselves. They said they have a lot of plus sized gowns. I would check them out as well.

    Hope that helped.
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    I can second the advice for Bridal Mart. They have a pretty big selection of plus size gowns. The place can get pretty busy on the weekends so I would suggest going on a weeknight if you can. They stay open until 8pm a few days a week. This place is huge and you don't get as much customer service as you would at a boutique but they have the best prices around.  Also the dressing room is kind of just one big room. I didn't really mind but I know some people might.
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    I too would suggest Bridal Mart in Burlington.  That is where I got my dress.  They have a large selection of Plus size gowns.
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    Yes, Bridal Mart defintely is the place to go.  Much better than David's bridal, price wise.  so, go for it.

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    Oh wow!  Thank You all so much!  I will check it out!
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    I got my dress at David's Bridal and I'm "plus sized"... they have a good selection and the prices are good!  Good Luck! 
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