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Reception Venues in the RTP area

Getting married in Feb 2011 at Martha's Chapel off Hwy 751 in Durham and am looking for a place to hold our small reception.  We'd like to do a pig picking and provide our own alcohol.  We plan the reception for about 70 people.  It could be at one of the hotels off I-40 (but you usually end up having to work with their kitchen/caterer and but your alcohol through them).  My fiancee and I are on a tight budget and we're paying for everything ourselves, so we'd rather find a neighborhood/apartment complex clubhouse that might be more economical.  Anyone got suggestions on where we should hold the reception?  HELP ME, PLEASE!!!!  I just moved here a couple of months ago and don't know my way around the area to even know where to look!

Re: Reception Venues in the RTP area

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    If you don't mind downtown Durham, there is a great little place called Rigsbee Hall that is amazing (and you HAVE to have outside vendors there).  It's 2nd on my list of reception venues right now.  

    Really economical resource -- Durham Parks and Rec.  There is a small fee and license to serve alcohol, but compared to the rental fee of some places out there, it's worth it to save some $$.  Check out their website (easy to find on google).  

    There are some resources in Raleigh, including parks and rec, and of course hotels GALORE in rtp, but as you pointed out, many places make you use their own staff and won't allow outside vendors.  Best bet would be a community building like a local ruritan club, shrine club, sertoma club, moose lodge, if you don't like the other things I posted.  

    good luck! 
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    Thanks!  Just a note...Ruritan Clubs by and large don't allow alcohol on premises...but THANKS for knowing about Ruritan!  By the way, I'm a Ruritan!
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    COOOL!!  I'm not a member of any of these service organizations yet, but I plan to join a local Junior League once we're married.  

      I actually am going to have my wedding at Ridgecrest Baptist Church (Durham) and the Reception at Homestead Steakhouse (Timberlake, NC), but I went through the GAMMUT of all of these local and far-away places before finally settling on that.  It's been tough, but I think I've got the big things done!!  Thankfully, I live out in the bOONIES and these places are pretty close to my house which is GREAT!! :-) 

    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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    Check on the club house in Cary Park. It wouldn't be a far drive for your guests (O'Kelly Chapel to Green Level to Durham).

    I'm not sure what the cost is if you are not a resident of Cary Park.
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    I know this is a little off topic - but if youhave the time, should take pictures at the American Tobacco Campus or the Duke Gardens...
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