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gift bags for out of town guests?

We have a lot of guest who will be comming from out of town, mostly new jersey and florida. I would like to do something special for them, but since it is most of our guest list I don't want to go too over the top, as it will add up very quickly.  Are any of you doing out of town bags, and if so what are some cost efficient things you are putting in them, other than a wedding itinerary, welcome note, and maps of the area with things to do, and places to eat?

Re: gift bags for out of town guests?

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    Since our OOT guests were only in for one night for the most part ( a few stayed for a few more. . these were mostly grandparents ) we only did snacks and added directions to our venue (I had forgotten to put those in with the invites).

    I made homemade cookies, we bought southern style sodas, chip backs, granola breakfast bars, and water bottles and something else, but I can't remember.

    Most things came from Sams or BJs and they were really cost effective. Everyone also gave great compliments on them and thought they were a really nice touch :o)
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    I'm all for giving tired travelers snacks and the home made route is cost effective. I plan to make cookies and caramels (and no one ever believes that the caramels are homemade). There's a party supply store in North Raleigh called Paper Town that sells the white bakery boxes and take-out containers for super cheap.

    You could also add bags of a nice soothing tea (so your guests will be rested before or after your wedding). And the Relocation Guide magazine (just in case anyone likes it so much out here they decide to stay). 

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    I just started emailing a friend about this.  I went to UNC and FI went to NCSU, so I'll probably include something about both universities and some local goodies along with the maps.  The NC Museum of History Shop sells some of these--here's a link: You could check out what's in their gift basket for inspiration and go from there.  And, you can never go wrong with Cheer Wine, Sun Drop, Slim Jims, and Nabs--if you want NC flavor.

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    Oooo were doing bags too, so thanks for the ideas. Were thinking mini barbeque sauces and some kitchy stuff from Southern Seasons...
    Good Luck!

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    If you want to make it look a little nicer than just a bag, Michael's is has baskets on sale for 50% off and then on top of that they have a coupon for an extra 20% off sale items. The cheapest basket they have is $3.00 but with all the discounts not too shabby. Tie a ribbon around it and it looks like you went all out.
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