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Reception Venues in or near Brier Creek

Hi! I just moved to Raleigh in June 2010. My fiance and I are getting married this summer or fall. Tomorrow I am going to reserve the date with my church (St. Francis of Assisi on Leesville Road in Raleigh, near the airport and Brier Creek). As soon as I nail down the date, I would like to get started on reception sites. Other than the church, I know nothing about wedding vendors in Raleigh or Durham, being new in town. I would like the reception to be within 10 miles or so of the church. We don't expect a large wedding b/c of the fact that we just moved here, and most of our family and friends are 1,000 miles away. We expect about 50 people to attend. We are paying for most of the wedding ourselves, so I would like to keep costs down (under $2,500). I know of two sites in the area so far: The Pavilions at Angus Barn and the Mansion on the Hill. Are there any others? Does anyone have any advice about those two places? just from what I have learned about the area so far, I have a feeling that the Angus Barn may be out of my price range. After talking to the church wedding coordinator, I may decide just to use a banquet room at the church and bring in a caterer, so if anyone has any catering recommendations, that may be helpful as well. Thanks in advance!

Re: Reception Venues in or near Brier Creek

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    I just went to the bridal show in Raleigh on Saturday and there were some pretty great caterers there.  My favorite was Sister's Catering Co.  My SIL does a lot of events with an organization that need catering and she was so excited to find a new caterer for her events... and the crab dip they brought was AMAZING (anyone else taste it?)!!!

    Also, a friend of mine runs  She is a fantastic chef and could tailor food for your event (she caters a lot of church and business related things).  

    Durham Catering Co. is one of the most popular caterers in southwest Durham, and they have a proven reputation (and I believe they cater all OVER this area).  

    You can also check with local restaurants - many of them will cater off-site for a wide range of cost.  

    I am not much help about venues in your neck of the woods as I'm North Durham / Bahama, but hopefully someone can come on here and follow up for you!!  Good luck!! 

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    We looked at the angus barn too and the food minimum was like $10,000.  It is insane.  There are a few nice places but I dont remember the prices.  One was the rand bryan house and one eleven place.  Hope this helps.
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    Were having our wedding in the smaller room (Palmers Cove) which holds 90 people at THE BRIER CREEK COUNTRY CLUB. Maybe a bit out of your price range, but hey, you never know! Especially for a small wedding such as yours, and if youre not set on a weekend...

    Good Luck! Youre going to love Raleigh.

    Also, Cafe Luna in downtown Raleigh is a great place for a small wedding i hear!
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    Thanks, everyone! I am having a hard time finding a place that does not charge exorbitant minimum fees. Most places I've looked at so far have a $3,000 minimum food and beverage charge. For 50 people, that is a little ridiculous. I am definitely going to check out Caffe Luna. That is next on my list.
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