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Chapel Hill Rehersal Dinner Help

Hello Again! I too need rehersal dinner help, though for May 19, 2011. Due to an oversight with our planning, we're in charge of the organization of it and we didn't originally plan it into the budget, so we're trying to squeeze it in now.

Our original idea was to do something casual, especially since the ceremony will be so formal. We were going to see if we could get Med Deli to cater to our old apartment clubhouse and get some wine/beer for a casual, relaxing night. Problem is we ended up moving to Raleigh. Fiance's parents live in Burlington, both locations are just too far to drive there and back given the timing of our rehersal; we'll need something local

We're looking at inviting around 22-25 people. I'm trying to keep this in the $500-700 (less is always awesome too) without it coming across as cheap and/or tacky. Any ideas for locations we could rent to host the event or restaurants/bars etc we could just do everything at instead?

**NOTE: we could possibly  rent out Best Man's apartment club house, or so we've heard, but we have no idea if it has any tables, linens, chairs, etc, so would need to think how to dress it up.

Re: Chapel Hill Rehersal Dinner Help

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    What if you have it in a private dining area of a restaurant?  There are a few restaurants on I-40 near Chapel Hill that have private rooms as options.  Don't know if you're into Mexican food for a Reh. Dinner, but La Fiesta Mexicana in Mebane (just down I-40 towards Burlington) is a REALLY good place and can fit 25+ in their private dining area and the food is fantastic.  

    If not Mexican... I've heard a lot of good things about 518 West (I think that's what it's called...).  You could also try for something off the beaten path, maybe a lesser-known restaurant.  I don't know about the cost, but Il Palio on Franklin Street (I think it's at the Siena Hotel) is a REALLY good restaurant and might accommodate a more private setting.  

    One place we looked at having our R.D. is Bennett Point Grill in Durham on US 70.  It's not in Chapel Hill but it's not that far (15-501 to 751 going AWAY from Duke, then turn right on US 70, go 1 block then turn right into Food Lion shopping center) -- they have a private dining area that I believe can seat up to 40 if it's really crammed tight.  Probably a little more budget-friendly than Il Palio or other in-town restaurants.

    Good Luck!! 
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    Thanks for the suggestions!

    I was actually hunting around and last night found that the Carolina Brewery has a rehersal dinner package that is 42 a head including appetizers, entrees, house beer and wine for 1.5 or 2 hrs, room rental, tax, and gratuity, and you can't get any more local than that!
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    Wow, sounds great!  I may steal that idea for my FFIL's who are doing my R.Dinner.  

    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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    Yeah, and I just found out you can par it down from there too. the 41.95 covers house beer/wine for two hours, selection "A" entrees, and appetizers.

    However, for private parties in general you also have a selection B entrees - which are 18.95, add 5.95 on for appetizers, and add 12.95 on for 1.5 hrs of house drinks (I just found this out), which sounds great to me, because "B" entrees and the things my friends and family loves - wraps, sandwichs, personal pizzas, and ceasar salad. It currently cuts down on the minimum of 1300 that 411 west was quoting me. :)
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