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Plus Size Dresses in Boutiques (long)?

I've recently become engaged and although I'm immensly thrilled, all of the realities are starting to hit hard. I've been obsessed with weddings for years and years. I have stacks of bridal magazines that are taller than I am (I'm 5'10"!) and every month I hit up Barnes and Noble to collect even more to pour over. Because I've been a closet girlie girl for so long the fact that I have zero girlfriends (at least none that would be excited over weddings too) is freaking me out. I know I will not get to experience an engagement party, a bridal shower, or probably even a bachelorette party (the last one I'm not too terribly upset over) and so I've been trying to find things distinctly bridal that I can enjoy by myself. Trying on dresses was one of those things to look forward to. But wait, I'm curvy, plus sized if you will. I'm about an 18 on the bottom and a 16 on top. I work in fashion retail and the girls I work with don't believe that I'm not a 14 because I have a long torso and long legs but it's the truth and now I'm faced with the idea that I won't even be able to try on dresses! Does anyone know of any bridal salons that carry plus sized sample dresses? I don't want to go to David's Bridal or any other mass market store, I'd love to experience just one thing the way I've pictured it but so far I've come up with nothing. I know most designers make their dresses up to a size 28 or 30 but actually finding them as samples is next to impossible. Any advice or wisdom?

Re: Plus Size Dresses in Boutiques (long)?

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    Yes.  I'm about your size honestly and I went to Burlington Bridal Mart.  They had tons for me to try on and I ended up falling in love with my dress there (plus their prices are cheaper than anywhere else)  I would have to say it's worth the drive.  I mean i live about 2 hours from there but I saved around $400 just because they are a great place to shop and the dress was affordable.  I would have to say try them.  and if you're similar to my size I was between a 22 and a 20 in my dress that I got.  just depends on the designer.  They have some major designers which is awesome and a large selection to choose from.  I say try them!  My dress is already got an estimated ship date for mid dec :)  and I'm 5'8" so i'm not too far off from you!
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    I went to DB and BridalMart and a few other places around the Triangle that I knew had plus-size dresses (I'm about a 20) and wasn't happy with anything.   Everywhere else I went, I felt bad about myself because I had to try to squeeze into things, or only try on the few plus size samples that weren't anything like what I was looking for.  I also went to a few places in the delaware/maryland area because that's where my fiance lives.  I found my dress at Curvaceous Couture in Baltimore, which specializes in plus-size wedding dresses.  They treated me wonderful.  Every dress I tried there fit me, and they carry designer dresses in a wide range of prices (I paid ~1750 for an Enzoani Blue gown).  So if you're willing to travel ~5 hours, its absolutely worth the drive.  

    Good luck!
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