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Cakes in Triangle Area

Hey Ladies, let's start a new thread with places that have cakes in the triangle area for those looking...  I have found a few in my area (Durham/Chapel Hill).

Daisy Cakes (located in Durham, NC) 
This is the pastry chef from the Washington Duke Inn and her husband -- FANTASTIC cupcakes and really beautiful cakes. 

Carolina Cake Company (W. Main Street, Durham) 
This is the "cake lady" delivery truck you'll see around Duke.  Great delivery services, good prices for those looking for a simple cake ($3 per person to $4.50 per person, plus delivery fees, etc.  All on website)

Sugarland - Franklin Street, Chapel Hill
This is a really cute bakery shop in Chapel Hill.  Tons of great photos on their website as inspiration.  

Mad Hatter Bakeshop (W. Main St, Durham)
This is a really great place that has a lot of variety of services, catering, etc.  They also have some awesome cupcakes and do wedding cakes to your style (tiers, sheet cakes, cupcakes, etc.).  

Sweet Memories Bakery (W. Williams St, Apex NC - just outside Raleigh)
They're actually so good that they're competing on a Food Network "Challenge" that will be aired on Sunday Nov 7 (2010) at 8pm.  Very successful shop, I'd suggest contacting them at LEAST 6 months out from your wedding.  Website suggests anywhere from 3 mo to 1 year, but it also says to contact them as soon as you can because they fill up FAST during wedding season. 

Traveling Cake Plate (Durham NC)
Just found this one through a bridal show website.  Very experienced company, doesn't have a "store" per se, but does operate out of a certified kitchen.  Posts "budget bride" cakes and they are beautiful as well.  Lists a "secret cake" option where you get a small tiered cake for the "ceremonial cutting" but what is served to the guests is actually from the kitchen - sheet cakes, and very well -priced for the bride on a budget. 

If you have any more to share, please post them!  We can help folks in our area or anyone else planning an out-of-town event.  Maybe our moderator will make it a sticky?  That's be nice!! 
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Re: Cakes in Triangle Area

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    We're using Lori at simply cakes. We'd found her online and our photographer backed her w/ a great recommendation. If you sign a contract within a week of tasting delivery in the triangle is free, and they send you a fresh anniversary cake for free (but I want to say the charge shipping) so that you don't have to hassle with freezing the top layer. Lori was super nice and thus far has been really easy to work with, and we felt right at home in her bakery.

    There is also Swank Cake design in Raleigh at midtown plaza, though they are pricey. I believed they've been featured on TLC before on one of their cake contest shows.

    *Side note about sweet memories - we went there originally because I had tried a flavor of theirs at the bridal expo and loved it. Online (at the time) it had said cakes started at 4.25 to 5.50 per serving. We worked it out with our budget that if we chose a simple design we could afford their cakes at the 4.25 cost. When we went in they asked us some questions, confirmed that our design was a simple one that would have no upcharge - and then told us that our cake would be around $900 (5.5-5.75 a serving for just buttercream and a ribbon that we would have to purchase separately, no frills, no gumpaste flowers, etc). When it was clear I was going to walk the cake price magically fell to 650ish. In addition the experience felt awkward and forced. Maybe others have had a more positive experience, but ours was bad enough to make me never want to consider them again.
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    We are using a lady who does cakes on a smaller scale (a lot cheaper) but the quality is very good (and very tasty!). Her name is Francis Lancaster and she is located in North Raleigh. Her information is:
    Cakes by Frances
    Frances Lancaster
    2322 Kennington Road
    Raleigh, NC 27610
    (919) 821-4156
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    Nantucket Grill does cakes as well. (or for more photos)
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