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so i've been engaged since the first week of november and we are considering a late september 2011 or spring 2012 wedding. with the holidays i haven't had much of an opportunity to start planning. we have visited a few venues and have some ideas about reception sites but i'm a little worried that 8 months isn't enough time to plan a wedding (i tend to get stressed with deadlines). on the other hand, spring 2012 seems a bit far away. any input as to whether planning a september 2011 would be too stressful to enjoy? my  biggest concern is finding/ordering a dress and deciding on a venue. any input appreciated!

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    I'm sure 8 months is do-able!!! Id find the venue you like first, and see if they have availability. Then go dress shopping! My dress took 6 months to come in, but I know a lot of places can alter a dress off the rack to fit you. It may be a bit stressful, but I'm sure it can be done!!!
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    8 months is pleanty of time as long as you can find the vendors you want to use and can book them.  I essentially planned our wedding in 5 months, so 8 months is fine.

    As far as your dress goes. . start looking online/magazines . go to stores and find what you want and then order. I *think* most dresses come in in about 3-6 months (mine came in 3) but that also depends on the designer and how complicated your dress is.

    Just breath and try not to over stress yourself. Ask for help if you need it and take a break when needed. :o)

    Good luck!
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    I got engaged on 9/24, started full-force planning right before Halloween, and have basically everything lined up as of today.  That's... just over 2 months.  Now, we still have the "execution of the plan" left and a few pieces of paper left to sign, and the cake tasting, and dress fittings... you know, the typical things that happen during the midst of the planning, but it can TOTALLY be done in 8 months.  Here's how I'd tackle it...
    1) Pick locations, officiant, vendors
    2) sign papers / contracts and start paying
    3) Dress shopping - all along, but finally decide on and order your dress
    4) BM Dresses don't need more than 4 to 6 months at most, so you can wait another 2 to 4 months to work on that, but do get a budget figure going so you know how much they can spend
    5) And when you're not sure how to proceed or you're getting super-stressed, take a couple of deep breaths.  Make yourself sit down, relax, and take a breath.

    Something that has helped me to get it all done so quick is having a journal where I write my ideas down.  Even if I don't end up using them, I at least have them all written and I can refer to them if need be.  Plus, It goes with me in my purse everywhere, so if I get a random idea in the grocery store, I whip out the journal and write it down... get it out of my mind so i can focus on picking the best price of canned green beans instead of tulle and flowers and lace. 

    Good luck!!! 
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    I hope 8 months is do-able, because that's what I'm working with! I got engaged on October 29th, always wanted to get married outdoors, so I too decided September would be the month. I am finding (today) that most of the photographers and caterers that I am interested in are still available on my date, so that is encouraging!

    I also found my wedding dress on Thursday - the first day I started looking off-line. Crazy, I know, but you may find THE ONE on your first shopping day. My consultant said that my dress would come in anywhere from 5-7 months. I have been reading 'Bridal Bargains' (an awesome book given to me by a friend) and they say expect at least 6 months for the dress to come in and also suggest telling the gown consultant that you are getting married 2-4 weeks prior to your actual date to insure that your gown (and any potential problems will be fixed) in time for your wedding. Although pricey, some manufacturers will 'rush' your dress to you for a fee.

    One more thing - my consultant says that some brides will come into their shop with only 5 months to work with and they will buy a sample dress off the rack, the shop will clean it up and alter it to fit them, no problem. I was also told that during the holidays is the best time to buy a dress, because they have to move dresses to make room for new ones (for 2011). 

    Have you gone out to any of your ideal wedding venues yet? We looked at 6 places in November and we fell in love with two spots - one that was all-inclusive, but inconvenient to get to, and one that was just as charming, downtown, less expensive, but a place where we'd have to rent EVERYTHING and choose our own caterer, etc. I was overwhelmed at the idea of having to do all the extra work in the time that I had, but fortunately I was able to get in touch with a bride who is using the same location and who was willing to be candid with me about pricing for - rentals, caterer, etc. Her recommendations and candidness (with her quotes) helped put my mind at ease and I ended up choosing the latter.

    And my advice would be the same as the other girls; find the venue and the dress first and when you are overwhelmed, take a break. I have found that talking to other brides is what helps me with my anxiety the most, which is why this site is so great. Good Luck!

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    I got married in July when we had just bought a house that needed major over haul, just got a new job, and was trying to get moved along with holidays (super stressed ahhhh).  So we decided to pick a place and reserve it and set the date and then not think about anything else until after the holidays.  So now I am in the same boat.  Our date is 10-1-11 and I have a place booked but thats it.  I feel confident though that I have plenty of time, but over whelmed with where to start.  By the way our venue is rigmor house in chapel hill, and it is very reasonably priced and it is a DIY wedding venue if you need any ideas.  Good Luck
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    I got engaged in July of 10 and am getting married April 2nd 2011, 9 months to plan. Way more then enough time if you can get your venue. I was just thinking if we picked our orrigional date (that wold have given us an entire year to plan) I would just be stressed for longer- I will be ready to go come April, but if I had 3 more months, I would fill them up with more stress and nonesense! So happy we are doing it sooner rather then later!!
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    Have you found a photographer yet? We've got some dates open in September yet .. I know a lot of area photogs are booking up fast for the fall though! Let me know if we can help at all :) 

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