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I Don't Know Where To Get Married!!!

Hey all - so, I'm hoping to have a mid-late August wedding, and I'm trying to get a location right now. It's very important that the ceremony and reception be at the same place because all but a few guests will be coming from out of state, and I don't want to make it too difficult on them.

I have an appointment to see Cafe Luna in a couple days. I really like what I see on their website, and the catering manager has been really nice and responsive to all my questions. However, I wanted to see what other options were out there. Where did you have your wedding or where have you been to one? (I don't have any married friends or really know too many people in this area so I need your help!) Have you had or been to a wedding at Cafe Luna? What did you think?

I think ideally, it would be perfect to have everything at a hotel where all my guests could get rooms so that it was easy on everyone, but I have a feeling that gets really pricey. I could be wrong. My parents are paying for it, though I want to pay for things like my dress and cake, but I just feel uncomfortable having anything too too expensive. Any suggestions?

Re: I Don't Know Where To Get Married!!!

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    I've heard great things about Cafe Luna.
    My wedding was at 'The Rand-Bryan House' in garner NC. Martha, the owner, was a dream to work with.

    I might try posting this on the actual NC board. This particular board doesnt' get much traffic.
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  • az3thouaz3thou member
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    Thanks for the advice. I've seen people post about the Rand-Bryan House and I live next to Garner, so that would be really convenient for me. Do they cater too or is that something you have to take care of yourself? Do you have any ideas of their rates? I could never find them on the website. I'll have to shoot her an e-mail. Thanks again!
  • MeganAngelaMeganAngela member
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    I'm getting married at All Saints Chapel in downtown Raleigh.  I'm doing the ceremony and reception there.  For out of state guests, there are plenty of hotels in the area.  Depending on how much you want to spend, I'd definitely suggest All Saints.
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    I'm having my reception at the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill; but as you suspected (with any sort of Inn/Hotel), it is expensive. I'm actually getting married at the Catholic student center literally across the street - we also wanted to keep everything in one location because we were having so many out of town guests. I know that everyone has a different definition of expensive though, so it might be worth your while just to email them  - they'll send you a pdf of the expensives, and Fridays always count as the off season, which is how we were able to afford it. You may be able to luck out at one of the local hotels by having a Friday wedding,

    As a side note, I've heard good things about cafe Luna and the Rand-Bryan house around the board, so those should be good bets as well.

    And since you're having a lot of guests from out of town - don't make the same mistake I did - block PLENTY of rooms. My parents invited a ton of their friends from their home town because they wanted to be nice to them but figured they wouldn't want to come - WRONG. We haven't even sent out invitations yet - just save the dates - and we've already had to extend the blocks at both our hotels twice. Because the Carolina Inn has a guests from a Saturday wedding coming in the night early, the entire Inn is nearly sold out because of the two weddings. We're looking at getting a third hotel now...
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    Gregory Vineyards is super affordable.  I'm getting married there next year and it's a reception site as well.  you should check them out online.  their wine is very affordable as well.  I reccomend the Mary Elizabeth (white sweet muscadine wine)
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