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Change the date due to family conflict??

My future sister in law is demanding that we change the date because the date we selected is too close to her anniversary! (One day apart). We’ve already reserved our venue—and to change the date I would have to select another venue b/c of availability. In addition, the venue is a rose garden. If we moved the date to another month (the only other dates left at this point) then it would either be too hot in July or the roses not in full bloom in May.  In reality, our wedding is really only family members and a few close friends (less than 35 guests), but I have done a lot of planning already. Our reception venue is selected, the caterer is booked, the photographer, and both our priest and our pastor are flying in from out of state, and they both had the date available. I was almost done planning! To start over would be madness at this point…we are only 6 months away!  To be honest, we did not check the date with family to begin with. Both sets of our parents are retired and available, and our siblings are within an hour drive, so we figured they could adjust their schedules. Am I wrong to want one day to be my own, and to not have to compromise it because of a family conflict???? 

Re: Change the date due to family conflict??

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    I don't know your family but this seems pretty petty to me. You most likely will lose some security deposits which is going to cost you some $$$ and not to mention all the time you'll have to re-invest.  I would keep it the day it is. Maybe you can do something at your wedding like recognize their anniversary somehow? Maybe a seperate cake, toast, etc.? Maybe the DJ can play their special song and dedicate it to them?
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    I would tell your future sister is law to get over herself.  I also wouldn't recognize her anniversary.  She had her day and now it is your and your fiance's day.  I would have your fiance (I am assuming its his sister) tell her you are not changing your date because so many things are already planned.  She sounds ridiculous.
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    Do not change your date!  She has no right to bully you into changing your date, especially since you have basically planned everything!  She got to pick her wedding day and you get to pick yours.  I would not acknowldege her anniversary at your wedding. She is being rediculous and needs to get over herself.
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