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My FI and I have decided we want to do a handfasting ceremony. Does anyone know someone who would do that? Or anyone who has had one at their wedding? We plan on using our wedding party to each tie one of the knots. Neither of us are really religeous and I feel that this would be much more personal for us.

Re: Officiant

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    Rev. Barbara Lodge is amazing!!! We are also not religious and needed an officiant who would do a ceremony for us that was totally based around our love for one another with no religious references.

    However, she can pretty much do any type of ceremony. I remember seeing the handfasting ceremony on her list of things she could do.

    Im not at home or I would give you her email but you can probly just google the name.
    Hope this helps!!!

    P.S. she is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet :)
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