fire halls

does anyone know of any fire stations with rental halls??

Re: fire halls

  • They do that? Don't think any in Richmand are large enough.
    Gallery5 was a fire station, now an art gallery and rental space. Halligan's has a fire truck in it! The Short Pump location has a real full size truck in the restaurant and private room.

    hehe :)
  • Out my way we have volunteer fire departments and virtually all of them rent their hall. Some are nicer than others. Rescue squad is connected to a community facility which also can be rented. I'm not sure if any of the Richmond city fire departments rent out their halls. I suggest calling one of them to see if they have any details and don't forget to ask about rescue squad stations too. You might need to think outside the city of Richmond into other neighboring areas if you want to go this route. Where is the ceremony?
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