Bridal Salons

Hi ladies, anyone know of any bridal salons in the Richmond area that have a variety of bridal dresses a size 16 girl could try on? ;-)Thanks!

Re: Bridal Salons

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    Definitely check with Sestra Bridal in Chester, I feel like I remember them having a variety of sizes there. Also check with Bridal Elegance on Broad street, they may have some there too. Good luck! :O)
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    Definitely David's Bridal will have many different samples to try on..I went to Tiffany's and this is actually where I'm going to end up purchasing...I'm a size 18 girl and I was able to try on a lot of dresses that were close enough to get a good idea of what it should look like....I really like the Jasmine dresses because they have this inner zipper thing that will zip on up to size 20ish. All that have been mentioned here (except David's on Broad, meh) I KNOW have great customer service!
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