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does anyone know of any venues in the Richmond area that are not to expensive and doesnt have a large person limit (we are thinking about 60 people). My sister is getting married and im just looking at different places. TIA!!

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    Hey,I am getting married at the Valentine History Center (Museum) in Richmond.  They hold up to 180 guests for a non-sit down reception (or about 120 for a sit-down). A small group would work perfect there as well! It is a beautiful spot and you can tent the garden if you want or it can be open. It was 2500$ for an hr rehersal the day before and to have the ceremony and reception on a Saturday (2pm-11pm including set-up/clean-up time).  Everyone is also wonderful to work with and their preferred caters will let you bring your own alcohol (and they will serve it) which saves lots of $$!!
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    I can tell you one place not to use....Great Seasons Catering and Events in Midlothian. They have been awful to work with. Hope this saves you some headache.
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    What has been so awful about Great Seasons?!! I am getting my cake from them... Only the cake though! I know they are horrible about getting in touch and responding to emails, calls, letters, etc! Is there anything else I need to prepare myself for?
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    Well the getting in touch yes- absolutely! THey are totally unprofessional in all manners related to communication. I have been made fun of, ignored and talked down to. They say one thing then when it comes down to it they change their mind. Like telling me I could have a cetain cake or decoration and then like 2 weeks before the wedding trying to charge me extra for everything when it was never stated in the contract.  Be careful when you sign/ask for the contract. They were very difficult to work with on the contract( I should have wised up at that point and backed out and they try to be vague about whats on the contract so he can go back on his word later and try to charge extra. My wedding planner says she has no idea how this guy is even in business. He is beyond ridiculous.
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    I'm having my reception at the Richmond Marriott West. I don't think they are too expensive, it depends on what you pick. Your deposit is 10% of the projected cost of the reception. Check them out, ask for Hope or Henrietta (I think that's her name).
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    Try the Banquet or Bankuet seats around 80 but you can have more without tables....its an old bank that been converted. You can bring in your own food and alcohol....and its pretty inexpensive.
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    i second the Valentine.  we had our wedding there and it was beautiful. the contact there is so easy to work with and we had a great time.  no minumum guests and you secure the caterer yourself (although i would recommend against Catering by Jill)  we met with everyone on their list and there were a few really great ones to choose!
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