How cold is too cold for outdoor reception?

Hi Ladies, I am planning on an October wedding next year and have a big dilema with weather. We all know how Richmond is (unpredictable) and I was wondering if you thought 55-57 is too cold? It will be held outdoors at the Science Museum of VA.  We thought about heaters but the price is almost worth it to go inside. What do you think?

Re: How cold is too cold for outdoor reception?

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    If I went to an outdoor wedding with no heaters at 55 degrees I would have to wear my jacket the whole time- no dun to dance in a jacket! Would make for lousy pictures too- everyone wearing coats. I would say go fo inside if you can swing the price or look into renting heaters elsewhere if you can.
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    I have to agree that 55-57 would be too cold to be comfortable for an outdoor reception. Especially when you consider how windy Richmond gets during the fall/winter. The only way to make sure you and your guests would be comfortable is if you got the heaters. I hope that helps!
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    i got married mid-october. the week leading up to it mid-80s. that weekend. it was in the 50s. It felt freezing (I'm sure part of it was that we were coming off of a long hot summer) all of my events were inside, but be careful about oct, there is no way i would have wanted to be outside for any of my events.

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