Vendor Reviews from our Sept. 5 wedding.

Pictures: Rehearsal Dinner - A Maggiano's 11800 W Broad St # 2204 (804) 253-0900 How can you go wrong with Maggiano's? Ther service was a little slow, but I tend to expect that with such a large group (we had about 30). We had a private dining room, and they let us decorate it. The appetizers are served buffet-style when you have a large party, and I didn' think they were quite as good as normal, but everything was just like it normally is-delicious. Bridal Brunch- A Baker's Crust Carytown 3553 West Cary St (804) 213-0800 I was very happy with this choice. Brunch was yummy, service was great, and the prices were reasonable. And it was about a block away from Ceco, where we headed next for hair and make-up. Bridal (girls) Hair and Make-up - A++++ Ceco Studio 3451 West Cary Street 804.353.9664 I can't say enough good things about these girls. They did hair and make-up for all of us, and we were HOT! They listened to what we wanted and did it to perfection. The hair was wonderful, but I was blown away by the make-up. It wasn't at all overdone, but we were beautiful. A couple of us had them put false eyelashed on us, and noone could even tell that they were fake. I wish I could have them do my make-up everyday. Wedding Party Hotel- A- Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Richmond (Old Miller and Rhodes Building) 501 E. Broad Street (Richmond) (804) 344-4300 The rooms were spacious and the whole hotel is new and feels nice and new. The service was hit-or-miss. Depending on who I spoke to/dealt with, we either received lacidazical service (usually the case when we called the national 800-number), or amazing service (from the guests services on site). The woman who handled our room black went way above and beyond and helped us SO much, but the people who actually took reservations often didn't put people on the room block or actually told them there was on room left (which was completely untrue). However, everyone raved about their treatment while they were actually at the hotel, and I think that's the most important thing. At the time, they did not have a free airport shuttle, but I heard a rumor that they might be getting one in the future. Ceremony - A+ University of Richmond Cannon Memorial Chapel 804-289-8160 This chapel is beutiful. You do have to be an alumnus or faculty to use it, and I think it's scheduled to close for renovations soon. The organ is amazing. It's right on the lake in the middle of campus. Parking is kinda far away from the chapel itself, but they are somewhat flexible with shuttles and handicapped drivers getting in closer to drop people off. Also, the campus can be very confusing to drive around. I was grateful that they allow you to put up signs direction guests. This was essential (even with directions included in the invitation), since thereis no GPS address for the chapel within the campus. Reception - B 2300 Club 2218 E. Grace Street (Richmond) The venue is gorgeous. They were very flexible with us having people come early in the day to decorate (we brought paper lanterns for the back patio and our own cupcakes and cookies) and come the morning after to break down. The food was wonderful. The staff was very helpful and attentive during the reception. They even packed up a ton of food for me and my hubby and sent them to the hotel with my in-laws. However, they changed managers several times during my planning, and each manager promised me different things and by the end, I felt like I was charged for things that I'd originally thought were included. It was also hard to get any firm prices until after the reception. For instance, I found out in the last month before the wedding that they did not have enough cocktail glasses, and I had to rent extras. This was the only thing we went over-budget on. After Party - A Capital Ale House 623 E. Main Street 804-780-2537 (ext. 1) We didn't stay here long, but had fun. There was plenty of room for our people to take over a semi-private area, and service was quick. It turned out to be the perfect place for an after-party. As an added bonus, there was plenty of room for everyone to sit (and I NEEDED to sit by the time we made it there). Flowers - A J.C. Gourmet 804-794-9080 Jerry was sometimes hard to get ahold of by email, but the flowers turned out beautiful! This was another purchase that I thought looked much better than I expected for the price. I think this was a real bargain! Transportation (trolleys) - B+ Winn Transportation 804-358-9466 I was a little worried about this vendor, becuase they've received some bad recommendations in the past. However, our trolleys showed up on time (and were actually trolleys). The only minus was that the drivers were kinda dare-devil-y. They were trying to rush everywhere, and I don't think that the shocks had been particularly well-maintained. Several of our older guests mentioned being thrown around or having exhaust blown back into the trolley (there is no A/C, only windows). There is also a video one of my family members took of one of the trolleys coming around a turn on 2 wheels. I you're up for an adventure, they're fine. Photographer - A++++ Beth Harris LOVED HER! I thought we got a really inclusive package for a very competitive price... and she did an amazing job! She was pleasant to work with and creative. I felt like the photos looked much more expensive than they were. I can't recommend her enough! Band - A+ The John Winntet 804-304-3079 (cell) I love this band! I thought they were totally reasonable, very organized, and the music was great! Organist - A Elliott Bromlee [email protected] He was really easy to work with and responsive by email (a big deal for me!). He had plenty of suggestions and ideas and has a ton of experience. He metwith us before the ceremony in the chapel and played sugstions for us. He knew the chapel well. Generally, great! Tuxedo Rentals MW Tux (

Re: Vendor Reviews from our Sept. 5 wedding.

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    This is SO helpful! I wanted the UR Chapel, but it'll be under construction by the time we can get married. Where'd you get your cake?
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    do you mind if I ask how much was your hair/makeup?
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    This is so helpful!! I was originally thinking about Main Street station to host my wedding/recption. then Kings Korner Katering for food. I'm only having about 60-70 folx and wanted a nice, yet elegant affair. Someone mentioned that I need to look at the 2300 club. Was it really expensive? I know someone on the board there, so I am going to try to get it thru her.
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