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I went to a cake tasting today and it was pretty good. anyone else have reviews from this vendor?

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    Hi One of my girlfriends that is getting married on Saturday is using him and she seems to be very pleased. I haven't quite gotten that far in the my planning, but another friend of mine recommended Cakes by Pat as well.
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    I got a recommendation to use him from a friend who had had Graham's cake at a special event. We had a cake testing with him 2 weeks ago and are still in the process of tasting additional flavors. He seems pretty easy to work with and his cakes are very flavorful and moist! I thought he was pretty reasonable with the price as well. Very talented! We are signing with him today! :O)
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    We're getting our cake thru him - it was included in our reception package. But we also did a tasting and he is promoted through most of my other wedding vendors as well. They all seem to think he's great, so I have no worries.
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    That is who we are using.  Such a wonderfully moist cake!
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    My mom and I stalk his table at the bridal show and every piece of cake we've had has been delicious!  He's making my cake to look like my dress...and he literally spent an hour hand drawing my dress' lace detail to get it right for my cake...I was like, why can't you take a picture!?  But seriously, he's really nice and from what I've seen so far is amazingly talented.

    Also, after watching american idol the other day i decided he sounds exactly like simon cowell.  anybody else?
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