Willow Estate Manor- Reviews?

Willow Estate Manor was in the lead for where I wanted my wedding. But I read some pretty bad reviews for it online and I was curious if anyone had had their wedding there or gone to a friend's wedding and what they thought?

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    OOh I actually went to a wedding there last August.  It was an absolutely beautiful venue and from a guest perspective everything seemed to run very smoothly. It was also quite nice that there wasn't a time limit on the party.

    The bride and groom just left for a trip to Mexico, but when they get back I can ask what she thought from a bride's perspective.
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    Well, the reviews you read were probably mine so you know what I think.  TGAW was right, from an outsiders perspective, it was great.  For the wedding party and people staying was not so great.

    I had a couple of other people contact me privately after I posted on Yelp to tell me that they experienced the same things, bad communication, filthy house, understaffed, bad groundskeeping.....etc.

    When I visited places, I just thought Willow manor was going to be the most perfect place to have the wedding and in many cases it was.  If you do decide to have it there.....just be prepared for all those things I spoke about.   Please feel free to contact me if you would like any more information.

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    I may be too late posting this - but I agree with the previous response.  I had my wedding at Willow Manor in late October, and had multiple issues with the venue.  I would definitely not recommend it.

    As the previous poster mentioned, I don't think our guests had any idea how many difficulties we had.  However, we definitely did not receive what we paid for - and we had to do a lot on our own. 

    When we toured, the facility was beautiful - and all sorts of promises were made. However, after we signed the contract, things just got worse and worse.  The facility owner was very unresponsive to phone calls or messages - we didn't receive an invoice until after the "payment due date"

    There were basic maintenance issues with the location - the heat didn't work, the doorknob fell off the front door, closet doors were falling off, one of the bathroom doors didn't close.  And it was not clean at all.  Please, please - look at the kitchen if you tour the place.  I wish I'd looked closer before I signed our contract.  The owner told us "it's just dirty right now because it's the end of wedding season - I do a major cleanup before the new wedding season."  This never happened..

    I am happy to provide more details if you would like. 
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    Just wanted to update that I did NOT go with Willow Estate. I took your reviews to heart and asked to see it again (with my MOH) and it was a bad snow storm and she said I could just go out and see it myself. So I did.

    Lights switches didn't work in some of the rooms (didn't notice on first tour cuz she said, "oh I'm not going to turn the light on lets just keep going through this room") There was tape holding in one of the lightbulbs in a table light. We opened some of the bedroom drawers and found little kid junk. Opened a refrigerator and I almost died from the smell- a mini in one of the bedrooms. Saw the kitchen (which she hid from me on the first tour) It would be lovely except there was three feet of junk piled high against the wall. We found other things that you just can't see unless you are looking for it.

    I was very disappointed. But thank you knotties for warning me away!!!!
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