Va Beach / OBX Wedding on a budget

I am trying to plan a wedding on a budget, trying to stay under 10K. We are willing to get married in hampton roads, obx, or even in richmond area. Any ideas on ceremony and reception areas that do not charge $3000 to rent a room and $25 a head for food. lol.
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Re: Va Beach / OBX Wedding on a budget

  • Hey there! "We live in Richmond, but are getting married in the Outer Banks. We will have about 50 people and our budget is 10k. We are also paying for everything ourselves. There was about 17 months between when we got engaged and our wedding date. We sat down and planned out how much we could save each month, and all together that ended up being our budget."

    We rented a private oceanfront home through Brindley Beach (about $4,000, but our guests will be staying the week with us and helping to pay for the house rental). We are going to get married on the beach in front of the house (free!) and have a buffet recption at the house we rented. You can find some pricey caterers, and some affordable caterers on the OBX. If you like BBQ, they have great packages for that and they are super budget friendly. We are using The Outer Banks Chef, wich ended up being around $28/pp.

    A great place to start is They have a whole list of vendors to help start planning. The first thing I did, believe it or not, (after setting the date), was hire the minister, and then we booked our venue (the house). Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy planning
  • Hi there! We have found a small gem I think for our reception & wedding site. It's called Lake Chesdin golf course & they are extremely reasonable!!! I would def recommend checking them out. We are having about 70 people & the outside pavillion is perfect for our size group without needing additional tenting. Their catering is extremely reasonable too. It's a beautiful setting, worth checking out. Rental fee for the space itself was $500 for umlimyed time frame as long as there wasn't another event the day of your wedding. Kind of out of the ways a bit, but we are on about a $5,000 budget & I priced out a lot of other options (backup yard, friends catering or cooking ourselves) & this still came out decent & less work for me, & our family & friends!
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    That's in Richmond, btw
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