Affordable Downtown Rehearsal Options?

Hello All,

We have 23 people coming to our Rehearsal dinner. We are paying for it ourselves and would like to keep the total cost to $500.00 (including tip, drinks, dessert etc).  We LOVE downtown Richmond. Our wedding will be in the city and I really want to show off Richmond to OOT Guests. I'd love a place with a view or a rooftop. But realistically I need afforable above all else. Would like to food to be American, neither myself or my family enjoy exotic foods. Would like it to still be a formal dinner NOT looking for pizza place, though if I get desprete I may reconsider that...

Help please!

Re: Affordable Downtown Rehearsal Options?

  • Apperently not, its just not in the budget :( There will be alcohol at the wedding, so that sort of makes up for it, I guess.
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    [QUOTE]We had our rehearsal dinner at Europa and it was great. The food was delicious. I don't know if you will be able to do it with your budget, though. $500 for 23 people breaks down to about $20 a person. Are you planning on serving alcohol? That might make it more affordable.
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    Love Euorpa!  :)

    Try this link and see if anything appeals to you:

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    There is also The Boathouse at Rockett's Landing which has a rooftop area, but may be a little on the pricey side, so you may want to give them a call to see what their prices are.


  • We found a place! Sine's Irish Resturant has two really affordable options. We have to go with option 1 because our budget it so tight. Its not super fancy, but hey, its NOT pizza! And we are doing a "cash bar" since the bar will be there anyway.  Hope this helps other budget strapped brides!

    Option 1:$ 20.95 per person - includes tax and gratuity and your choice of one entrée above, coffee,tea or soda and your choice of a Sine’ small pub salad or a Sine’ Dessert: Bread pudding

    Option 2:$ 22.95 per person - includes tax and gratuity and your choice
    of one entrée above, coffee,tea or soda,a Sine’ small pub salad and a Sine
    Dessert: Bread pudding
  • I am SO glad you chose Sine Irish Pub! My fiance works there and it is actually where we are having our rehearsal dinner :)
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