Just started planning- Help!

So I am on a horribly strict budget.  Does anyone know of any places in the area that are inexpensive?  Preferrably somewhere that either has the whole package for 5k, or a venue that allows you to bring in your own alcohol and maybe catering, but provides the dinnerware, tent, tables, etc.

We are keeping an open mind, have looked at any number of arts centers, vineyards, art galleries etc.  Any tips on inexpensive venue, rentals, etc would be greatly appreciated!

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    How many guests you're having will really drive your budget as well. I don't know many places that are a "whole package" but there are some venues you can get pretty inexpensively.

    Glen Allen Cultural Center. Has a preferred caterer list you have to choose from but most on there are easy to deal with and accommodating with strict budgets.

    James River Cellars Winery. Space rental is very affordable. They put a permanent tent this year and can fit a couple hundred. The upstairs room is great if you have 50 people max. They let you bring in any food /caterer and alcohol but you have to serve their wine.

    Hanover Arts Center
    I've heard they're wonderful to work with and it's gotten very popular.

    Gallery 5

    Crittenden Studios. Let's you bring in any caterer. Can be pricey if you're on a Saturday though.


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    Thanks.  We cut the numbers to around 90.  Our budget is 5k, which is stretched pretty thin.  We have the dress, DJ, cake, and catering (non-licensed) for free.  The venue and rentals is where we are getting stuck.  We have looked at the HAC but having to set everything up ourselves isn't appealing.  Might as well have it at home (which we are now considering).

    I do appreciate the feedback.  the winery is a little out of the budget, but the GACC and HAC have been considered.
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    You may also want to check out recreation centers in Henrico County- try Deep Run Park or Belmont.  They are really inexpensive & pretty nice.  They may even include tables and chairs but I'm not 100% on that.  Best of luck!
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