Best cookies in town?

Hi Everyone-
My fiance and I are planning our wedding for July of 2011. I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA where a cookie table at the reception is a MUST!
Every wedding I ever went to growing up had a long table full of the most beautiful cookies. Lady fingers, pizzelles, peanut butter blossoms, you name it.
I am estimating 83 dozen cookies (thats right... 1000 cookies) will be needed. Traditionally it is the aunts and family members that bake the cookies. But, because most of my family is scattered all over the place and flying in I want a back up plan.

Does anyone have experience with a cookie table in Richmond, VA?
Can anyone reccommend a bakery with a little bit of a more northern flair?

Thank you SOOO much!

Re: Best cookies in town?

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    I am from Michigan, but have been to a traditional PA wedding, so I am aware of your dessert needs! It's hard to find those northern flairs down here.

    I just received information about - Sugar Fairies that I'm excited to check them out.
    [email protected], 804-399-0482.

    I have experience with the following ladies, amazing desserts!

    Veronica at Petite Bouchees -

    Krissy at Four and Iced -

    Hope this helps!!
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    I don't have any ideas about where to get them here because FMIL, FGMIL, and some others are making them....we are DEFINITELY having a cookie table though! If you're interested, I have an article from the Post-Gazette on the tradition behind it. I got it from another knottie so that we could put it on the table for my side of the family who will have no clue why there are so many cookies!
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    thanks! I think I have seen that article.
    I will check out those bakeries! Thank you So much!
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    thank you for this info! I am looking into these :-)
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