Suggestions for a DJ- 6 hour reception 1k or under

Hey all,

I'm looking into getting a DJ now. I've found two I could go with but they are 300-400 over 1k. I'm very much a budget bride and I'm trying to cut costs anywhere and everywhere I can to get the overall total down. So I was curious if anyone could recommend a DJ that is within my planned budget of 1,000?

Thanks for your help! I don't know what I would do without knottie recommendations!

Re: Suggestions for a DJ- 6 hour reception 1k or under

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     Try DJ Ginger and Captain Marc, they're friends of an industry friend -
    They priced out VERY $800-ish and you get them both.
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    Try Dynamite Djs
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    I'll be honest, this was the hardest thing for us to find. Most dj's quote for 4 hours, then chrage extra per hour after that. 6  hours is a pretty long reception. I would check on craigslist, and see if you can find an independent dj. companies are gonna charge ALOT
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