Celebrations At The Reservoir in Moseley

I'm from NC, but my fiancee is from Richmond and we will be getting married there. We're going to look at Celebrations At The Reservior in Moseley soon. We both love the water and the website looks beautiful. Was just curious if anyone else can let me know their experience. I'm looking into having their catering too, since it's an extra $1000 to have an outside caterer come in.

Thank you!!
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Re: Celebrations At The Reservoir in Moseley

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    Hi!  Sorry it took me a couple of days.  My daughter had her wedding there last October.  She had her ceremony on the landing and her reception in the poolhouse...for 150 people.  The ceremony site was beautiful with plenty of room for our guests.  The pool house was problematic for that number because people have to sit upstairs and the dance floor is outside.  My daughter wanted the bridal party table in the center, so it was in front of the windows.  Getting in and out is difficult, and we ended up deciding to dismantle the bridal party table after dinner and have a sweetheart table for the bride and groom and relocate the wedding party to tables with their guests. 

    We were the last wedding to have a different caterer before they changed their policy, so I can't help you with that.  But, I do have several comments.

    Get a receipt for every check you give them.  Their bookkeeping is abysmal and they lost track of 1000.00 dollars.  I had to sign a paper that said we would pay it if the check did not clear for them to move forward the week before the wedding.

    Their parking plan and directional signs were NOT good.  We had 12 people get lost between the parking lots and trying to find our wedding out of the 4 that were there that day.

    The reception end time is etched in stone and they are NOT kidding.  They started cleaning up and packing things away really early.  People who wanted more cake later had no forks or plates.  After the last dance, they literally hustled us out.  We were trying to make sure wehad everything, and moving slower than the would have wanted, so they were turning off lights as we left the room.

    I have photos that I would be glad to share if you would like to see some.  Also, please feel free to contact me with a message and I can give you more details.
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    Thank you so much for that info!! I will definitely be in contact with you!! Smile
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