Dynamite DJs is a DON'T

I got a great quote from Dynamite DJs November 15th. I exchanged detailed information with a DJ Jerry about setup and the timing of my reception. The weekend of Nov. 28th my fiance and I told him we definitely wanted to use him and to go ahead and send the agreement. I was told he would be sending it via email that Monday.

I never got the agreement. Instead I got an email from Joe saying that Jerry had already been booked and hadn't realized it, but that there was another DJ named Bryan Schiano that could be there. I said that was fine, we would use him, and to send the agreement. He assured me I would still get the discounted november rate even though is was now December. After a week of hearing nothing (now Dec. 9) I emailed them asking why I had not heard anything. I was told there were no DJs available. "Sorry for the inconvenience."

So after a month of wasted time, here we are with no DJ. I have requested an explanation and am waiting for their response. I would just advise staying away from them. The people may be great, but as a service provider, they are clearly very unorganized.

Re: Dynamite DJs is a DON'T

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    Hi TB, 
        There were DJs available for your event on your first contact with us. Thirteen days later you contacted us to book the DJ (Jerry) you were given info for. Some people contact us and just want to hire a DJ without info given. Unfortunately in this case, that happened twice for your chosen date in between our correspondence by email and phone. In a span of thirteen days we can easily book thirteen events. We don't hold DJs or dates until an agreement is sent. No contract was sent to you on Monday due to the fact that Jerry was booked in between our thirteen day correspondence and we wanted to make sure you clicked with the other DJ available for your event before we sent you an agreement.

    However, it would be our pleasure to resolve this situation.

    Kind Regards

    Joe Bowman
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