Getting started on planning a Richmond wedding

Hi, all! New to the message board but finding everyone's suggestions super helpful.

I see that several of you recommend Main Street Station. Aside from the strict regulations in the contract, are there other draw backs? My mother checked it out for me and said that there are vending machines and an ATM machine in the middle of the waiting room. Just trying to figure out how people make the most of the space.

Also interested in learning of any reasonably priced caterers that are good to work with. We're looking to have about 125-150 people and want to know what would be considered a good deal in food/bev per person. Up for either a buffet or heavy hor'dourves reception.

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!

Re: Getting started on planning a Richmond wedding

  • klsheriffklsheriff member
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    The vending machines are in the passenger waiting area. Some people use that area for food tables and the caterer would use the area behind the fence in that room for their staging area. Its not really a room where people would hang out during the reception in my opinion. The only real draw backs are the train schedule (which you can easily work around) and not using glass or candles. Diane is a pleasure to work with and I really dont feel like we are missing out by not having any of the aforementioned items. As far as catering is concerned we went with IK Catering. They were by far the most reasonably priced I could find in the area. I hope that helps. Good luck and happy planning! Edit: as far as price per person for food and drink that depends on your budget. Id suggest looking around online and getting some qoutes after you determine your budget.
  • ndenikendenike member
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    I was worried about the train schedule so I did not book there. However, I know alot of people have been pleased with Main Street. Our caterer, White House catering is fantastic and they are right next door to Main Street station and are VERY reasonable!
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