Need help choosing a venue...

So, I would consider myself a pretty un-traditional bride. My FH and I are both not religious people, so ideally our ceremony and reception can be done at the same location. I am not really into the "cookie-cutter" wedding thing so that automatically cuts out a lot of venues here in Richmond. The one's I have it narrowed down to are (in no particular order);

1. Main Street Station

2. Boathouse Rockett's Landing

3. Plant Zero

4. Bull and Bear (not my first choice, but my SF is a member)

5. Tredegar

Has anyone been to/held weddings or events at any of these locations? If so, what was your impression? Is it feasible to have a ceremony and reception for 150 guests??

I appreciate your input!
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Re: Need help choosing a venue...

  • tammyfatammyfa member
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    I'm right there with you! Fairly untraditional, not religious, wanted same location to save on travels. We wanted an outdoor or unique ceremony spot with indoor reception for 100...and that took research, ugh lol. We went with The Crossings back behind the Virginia Center. It simplified having everything in one spot, even the hotel.
    All your spots were on my list as well, here's my take:

    1. Fabulously unique venue! I've attended events there but not a wedding. My photographer has shot a few weddings there and LOVES the light there. They are VERY accomodating with letting you bring in caterering and alcohol and everything. It's a venue that has gotten very popular lately because of that. For 150 people though, you'd only be able to cocktail style. Not enough room for seating for that many. I wasn't a fan because switching between ceremony and recept, everyone goes downstairs while the planners or who ever changes the ceremony spot into dinner. It's also a functioning train station and depending on the time of your wedding you may have a train come in and riders walking through your wedding. Some think that's unique and don't mind. My FI wasn't having it.

    2. LOVE LOVE the Boathouse! It's modern, on the water, affordable, FABULOUS food packages and great staff. This was my first choice but we couldn't find a ceremony spot we liked to enable us to have the reception here. The cermeony option Boathouse offers is great but for an evening wedding like we have I didn't want the restaurant patrons peering over and able to see everything (it just weirded me out for some reason). If you have it under the tent, you wouldn't have that but that's a totally different cost. You'll be at the max with 150 people, so it may be squishy depending on how big the dance floor is.

    3. I've held a few events at Plant Zero for my non-profit (but no weddings) and I love the space!  It's an empty canvas. You have SO many options in decor and layout. They are easy to work with and accommodating. I think they have a preferred caterer list but there are plenty of options on it. You will have no problem fitting 150 here! :) If your date is a Saturday it'll get pricey to rent but if you have ceremony & recept there, it may even out.

    4. You actually don't have to be a member to hold a wedding here. It is a cool spot having gorgeous views. The decor is a little dated (hunter green and maroon) but the room options they have to accommodate ceremony and recept work really well. The food was really good couple years ago but they've changed chefs and I haven't made it back yet. Depending on the season you're getting married, this could be good option - completely indoors, parking garage and all.

    5.   Love Tredegar. I nixed it because it was pricey and I think they had time restrictions or something (and something else with our date maybe). The space is wonderful, empty canvas again. One event I attended there was in January/February and it was pretty drafty though.

    HTH Let me know if you have any other questions or want any other suggs.
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    I held my wedding (ceremony and reception) at the Boathouse at Rocketts Landing in May.  We chose it because we could do both the ceremony and reception at one location.  The decor was modern and it is located on the James River.  We too were looking for something that was a little different. 

    Tammyfa mentioned the restaurant patrons watching the ceremony.  It does happen.  They were cheering at DH and myself but, overall, once the ceremony started I didn't notice them.  Honestly, when I booked them I hadn't thought of the restaurant watching.  In the end, I don't feel like it took anything away or interfered with the day. 

    The staff were amazing and very attentive.  The food was wonderful.  Our DOC, Laura, was fantastic.  I just can't say enough good things about her.  She made the planning process stress free and she ensured the day ran smoothly. 

    We only had a 60 guest wedding and held it in the River View Room.  It is definitely worth a look to see if they can accommodate you.  I think they have done a couple of changes to their rooms.  They do have the tent option but you also need to rent port-a-potties. 

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    FWIW, DH and I looked at the Bull and Bear.  The decor was dated and I was put off by the layout of the faciliaty.  But staff were really friendly and the views were amazing!! 
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    Thank you! You both have been incredibly helpful!Laughing

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