Gown Cleaning - HELP Richmond Brides!

I bought my gown online. It's a gorgeous all lace dress, so I'm super nervous about having it cleaned. I'm in the Richmond area. Does anyone have any recommendations for a place where I can get it cleaned relatively affordable that will do a good job?

Thanks for any tips!

Re: Gown Cleaning - HELP Richmond Brides!

  • I used Elite Cleaners on Main Street downtown for 2 reasons- 1- it was the closest to my house and 2- they were by far the cheapest.  My dress had 2 parts (a silk layer underneath and a lace overlay).  It was also completely brown for the bottom 10 inches.  And I waited a month after the wedding to get it cleaned.  It looks brand new now. I really can't believe how clean it got, especially since it sat dirty and bunched up for a month.  I don't think thye do the boxing/preserving, but I definitely recommmend them for getting it clean.
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