Lewis Ginter Review

Hi everyone,

I hope this review helps anyone who is thinking of having their wedding there.   As I get more things back (liek my photos and video) I will place up more reviews. Please let me know if there are any more questions.

Our wedding was June 12, and we booked the Flagler Pavilion for the ceremony and the Asian Teahouse for the reception. During the planning stages, everyone was very nice and accomodating. (Tony the chef created an amazing and yummy menu for my Asian themed wedding.)  The grounds are so beautiful throughout the whole year.

The reason for 4 instead of 5 stars was the wedding coordinator. I had not met her previous to my wedding date. An hour before the ceremony start time, a freak thunderstorm came through. 30 minutes before the ceremony start time, I arrived at the site and immediately the coordinator was pushing for an indoor wedding. Although the rain was obviously letting up, she continued to push for indoors. We really do not need to give them a decision until start time, and even then if rain is subsiding, they should allow for up to 10 minutes for us to make the call.

Unfortunately I was extremely emotional so I gave in to have it indoors. Brides, PLEASE do think about the rain plan. I refused to think about this throughout my wedding, and I regret this. Not only did I get pushed to have it indoors, the Asian Tea House really is not that conducive to having a ceremony. Guests have really no where to sit or stand to really watch the ceremony. If I had thought it out better, I would have tried to get some people to arrange some chairs or just calm myself down to WAIT for the rain to let up.

Overall, I would still recommend Lewis Ginter. It is so gorgeous. Rain is part of the risk in an outdoor wedding so please plan for it. If it does rain on your fateful day, calm down and WAIT!! Don't let the wedding coordinator, who doesn't know you, make the decision for you and others.

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