Mill at Fine Creek Pricing?


I am starting to research venues and I was wondering if anyone could give me a ballpark range for how much the Mill at Fine Creek would be for Saturday wedding, 125-150 people in the Spring? Even guesstimates would be helpful!!

Re: Mill at Fine Creek Pricing?

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    They are good about responding to you right away and are very nice, though we didn't end up visiting because of price. The cost is really going to depend on the amount of people you plan to invite. In my experience of around 100 guests, we figure out it would be about 16-18,000 and that would include food, venue, coordination, and drinks. That was our entire budget, so it did not work for us. Also, their prices depend the time of year. I would have liked to have gone with them because I found them to be the most professional, but I couldn't afford them. Good luck!

  • Ours will be there! It is in the fall, but for a Saturday with estimated 140 guests it is $550 for ceremony + $6500 for reception + food/alcohol. Food starts at $60/head and alcohol varies depending on open bar, just beer/wine, or by consumption. For 5 hours of open beer and wine for 140 it is $3220. They are awesome to work with, hope that helps!
  • That venue is BEAUTIFUL.  The couple we went for booked an "unpopular" date, and got a hecght of a deal.  If your date is flexible, ask them about what specials they have going on.. they said they could have never been able to afford it without finding an offbeat date that was available.
  • But yes, their staff is fantastic at returning emails rather quickly, so I know they'd send you a price sheet in NO time.
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